Everything You Need To Get Into Ketosis in 3-5 Days. Simple Step By Step Guide.

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the Kurves on Keto Beginners Guide

Get instant access to...

1. 3 Day Meal Plan + Bonus Fast Food Keto Day

2. Myfitnesspal Tutorial

3. Go To Keto Meals On The Go List

4. Ketone Meter Tutorial

5. Facebook Support Group

6. Keto Recipes!

And More!!!

This Plan Is For You If...
You want to start keto but you keep getting confused
You tried keto before but you didnt understand it fully
You want to start keto the right way and get into ketosis fast
You have tried to get healthy in the past but you gave up because you didn't have a proper plan in place
Hi, I'm Deja Lewis
I help Beauties Shed Fat & Live a Healthy & Keto Lifestyle
Founder of the Fit Beauty Tribe and Keto Fit Queens Community.

I started dieting in my 20s going from fad to fad. After 5 years, I finally got sick of the yo yo dieting and decided to GET REAL about my health. I decided to adopt a HEALTY LIFESTYLE Instead of just crash dieting to lose 10 pounds for a vacation. 

I Created the Fit Beauty Tribe because I wanted a place where women could come together, no matter their fitness level, and have a safe and fun place to talk about fitness and get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.
Proven Results!
* Deja's 1 on 1 Clients*
Just Imagine...

Knowing exactly what to eat  for the best results on keto

Taking the guess work out of meal planning

Having a group of supportive women to help keep you accountable

and lots more!
Everything you need to know to hit the reset button on your food and body has been laid out in this guide using an easy, step-by-step plan. It is designed to give you results, FAST! 
The cost of this guide is just $27 for a limited time - a fraction compared to other plans on the market,  Plus, you can rest assured every dollar is guaranteed. If you don't like what you see, you don't pay a cent.
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Deja Lewis
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